I am observing in detail the place where I come from, I am repeating its storeys, I am singing its songs, I am defending its language, because all these are doing of me what I am. And if I don´t do it and don´t do it now, who will do?

Years of repression of the specificity of user's needs and his ideas about the environment in which he wants to live, the suppression of environment creator´s individuality and deep crisis of modernist architecture convinced us to the need of more concrete and more specific design for a given environment and the specific user. With our structures we build on tattered thread of work of our grandfathers, highlight traditional values of environment, of materials, of work practices and restore the value of the detail and the overall mystical impression of space.

We design urban studies, town planning documentation, residential complexes and individual houses, challenging projects of atypical structures of culture’s, sport´s, commercial´s, administrative and cult – spiritual´s nature. Significantly, we focus on reconstruction and work with a wooden structure.

For our realized work we have been awarded with the highest architectural awards in Slovakia –Dušan Jurkovič Award and nomination for Architecture Award - CeZaAr. Our works include also the church in Lovinobaňa, Hotel Bankov in Kosice, Police Station in Čierna upon Tisza, craftsman houses on Pottery Street in Košice, Košice insurance company Uniqua, Mourning Houses in Kamenica upon Cirocha and in Valaliky, exhibitions of folk culture of Slovakia in Rome, in Paris, and in Oberschönenfeld, houses in and around Košice, reconstructions in the center of Košice.